To tape or not to tape, that is the question?

I follow many wonderful fluid artists and there is one thing they all seem to have in common: they cover and tape the back of their canvases prior to creating their masterpieces. 

I understand that this results in a ‘cleaner’ and they would say ‘more professional’ finish to the artwork.  However, I have a different perspective.  One of the wonderful things about original art is that it is just that: a one of kind.  To me, that includes a record of the honesty of the way it was produced, be it rouge paint drips, or impressions of the spinner the piece was produced on.  Personally, I find this ‘story behind the story’ a bonus that you do not get when buying a print.

Above: A DaSuze Art messy canvas back.  Mess is part of the process when creating beautiful pieces of work.

Top right: Other artists cover and tape canvas

Bottom right:  Finished result on tape removal.

Taped images courtesy of

There is another factor to consider however in the ‘tape or not to tape’ argument: Waste.  Fluid art creates a LOT of waste, be it the cups and tools used to prepare the materials to the excess paint that it is tipped off the canvas.  I try to avoid ‘single use’ tools where possible and will always re-use a canvas in the case of a ‘bad pouring day’ (and we’ve all had them!)  Adding to that plastic wrap and tape that will go straight into landfill is a big no-thank-you in my opinion.


At the end of the day, who spends their time looking at the back of the painting?