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DaSuze Art was formed during the depths of Melbourne’s first COVID-19 lockdown in 2020.  It started as a form of ‘mental therapy’ to deal with the isolation and uncertainty.  It quickly evolved into a passion.

Susan Gardiner of DaSuze Art has had an unlikely path to becoming an artist.  Susan studied Engineering and Business at Monash University, and formed BPI Concepts, a Business Process Improvement consultancy in 2007.  

A vocation that traditionally focuses on logic and analysis (that is, the ‘left brain’), Susan found that by ‘getting in touch with her right brain’, she was able convey complex concepts creatively and effectively.  At DaSuze Art, Susan allows her ‘right brain’ to have free reign over the outcome!

Susan spends her time between Melbourne and Inverloch with her partner, daughter and German Shepherd.

Susan Gardiner


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