The Great Canister Experiment

I was scratching my head, trying to work out what else I could use as the base medium for a painting.

As an engineer, practicality is important to me, so I wondered if there was a way to make my art useful as well as beautiful.  Wandering through a homewares store, I cam across some plain white ceramic canisters with bamboo lids.  That’s it!  I could paint the bamboo lids and make a unique, practical, day to day piece of art.

Breaking my self-imposed ban, I decided to cover and tape the back of the canister lid to protect the seal during the painting and varnishing process

I coated the lid with gesso to ensure the paint would stick and not absorb into the bamboo.

I wanted a contrast with the white canister, so opted for a bold palette.

And then, to paint! Once cured, I finished with 2 coats of Monocel clear wood varnish.

The results were so good, I decided to do a matching painting!