Commission – Beach House

Commissioning is a nerve-wracking process: will the piece turn out, will the customer like it, will I have a white elephant on my hands?

A friend of mine wanted a piece to complement a feature wall of their beach house.  It was challenging space: wide but with limited height.  I decided the best solution would be a series of paintings using the same colour palette.  Given the feature wall was already a bold (but beautiful) colour, I considered the final presentation, opting for large clean white matting to define each piece in the series.  As such, I sourced appropriate sized frames, and used 30.5cm x 30.5cm canvas panels as the base.

Next was the conundrum of what style of painting and what colours.  Being for a beach house, the customer wanted a watery theme.  Their choice of paint colour (Dulux Amulet Gem) also implied this direction.  To tie in completely with the feature wall, I purchased a pot of Amulet Gem for use in the piece, adding shades of navy, green, gold, white and just a hint of pink. 

Using multiple flip cups, I was able to create an effect of water running down a pane of glass (which reminded me of the waterwall at the National Gallery of Victoria, hence I called the collection “Drizzle Trio”)  The final result was stunning – which I largely attribute to using the wall colour in the artwork.  I loved the colour so much, I used it in a number of other pieces!

If you would like a custom piece with a specific colour palette, feel free to contact me.